Front porch Landscaping Ideas

It is correct that “Beauty is on the inside”. But when it comes to houses a little outside beauty is always preferred. If you are tired of your old boring front porch, we have some ideas.

Front porch Landscaping Ideas

Make your Front porch such a way so no one can’t avoid it. Here are some ideas-

1. Make it a Sitting Area

You can easily transform your front porch into a stunning sitting area. You can add some benches or even some chairs, sofas also work. Now add some tubs with various kinds of plants. You can also add some hanging plants. Now you have got yourself a sitting area to enjoy the nature as well as attend to the guests.

2. Make it an Area to Pass Time

Your front porch can also be an area to enjoy your time. You can add swings to enjoy playful times with your loved ones. This is also a loving addition to the home if you have kids. Also, add some carpets and show pieces if you want. This would make your front porch a playground, to say the least where you can spend time with your family.

3. Make it a Tea Area

You can make your front porch a place to cherish tea or coffee and keep your stress at bay. You have to add a little table and a few chairs. You can move them to a side looking at the greenery. This would be a perfect spot to have some alone time as well. You can enjoy your tea, coffee as well as drinks.

4. Give it a classic look

If a Classical look is what you are waiting for, you can count on us. To give your front porch an old look, you have to make it multi-purpose. Add chairs, benches, small tables, also flowers. Choose the correct color combination to match the look. Now you have got yourself a Classic looking front porch.

5. For Small Porches 

If your front porch is small you can make it very simplistic and minimalist. You can add some decorations to the door and a mat to call it a day. This simplistic look should look good. You can also add some flower pots, and some long plants on both sides to make it more awesome.


The front porch is the face of your house. We should keep it organized and clean. We discussed a few ideas for your front porch. Feel free to implement them and add your own touches

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