Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Unless you live in an apartment, it is likely that you have a front yard. But if its aesthetic is a whole other question. All of us want our front yards to be aesthetic and beautiful, but most of us can’t think of a good idea about what to do with our lawns. We are here with a couple of great ideas for your lawns.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Making a good front yard might not be that hard. Your yard needs some love. Here are some great ideas-

1. Making a brick pathway

You can combine good old brick along with some greenery to make a stunning front yard. Make it straight or a little bit curved depending on your use case.

Now separate the way with some more bricks now laid sideways, a bit higher than the rest of them. Add some greenery to the sides, use flowers or other decorative plants and you have got yourself a magnificent front yard.

2. Separate the grass with an arch

Make an arch that separates the greenery from the concrete floor. Give the arch width, you may fill the arch with gravel or stones. Inside the arch, you may add some plants, some sculptures even some aesthetic pieces.

Small flowers would do a great job of catching the attention of people. You can make the siding of the arch with some bricks or even some floor tiles.

3. Transformation with Boxwood

You can make a stunning front yard with boxwood. This can be used in so many ways. You can separate your pathway with boxwood. You can also make a soft wall along your property border.

This can also be combined with some flowers in front of the Boxwoods. You can make them small spherical bushes or combine them in a cuboid shape. The possibilities are virtually endless.

4. Trees on your lawn

Trees not only provide us with life support. They are also stunning to look at. You stack trees in a row and make a beautiful aesthetic structure. You can also make circular paths in the grass for the trees and cover them with gravel and make a circular siding with some bricks. Now you got a modern and aesthetic lawn to look at.

5. Make a layered wall

You can also make a layered wall to separate the concrete from the grass. You can make it arched as well.

For the outer layer, you can make it brick or flat stones stacked. For the middle layer flowers are a great choice. For the last layer use Boxwood bushes preferably in a cuboid shape.


These were some ideas that can make your boring old lawn into an attraction. Done properly your lawn might attract the eyes of the passerbyes. This is more of an art than a science, so feel free to add your own touches here and there.

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