Guinea Fowl For Chemical Free Pest Management For Your Blueberry Farm And Backyard


Guinea Fowl For Chemical Free Pest Management For Your Blueberry Farm And Backyard

Guinea fowl are native to Africa. There are numerous numerous varieties of guinea. They’re typically used to handle towards being overrun with ticks, fleas, grasshoppers, and a bunch of different bugs.Due to their unbiased and wild nature, guinea fowl are a straightforward addition to any farm. Free ranging guineas use most of their time foraging. They may seldom peck at a cultivated plant, they a lot relatively eat bugs, weeds, and weed seeds. They work as a gaggle going via an space consuming any bug they fire up.

Guinea Fowl For Chemical Free Pest Management For Your Blueberry Farm And Backyard

They’re much less bother to have than different fowl. It’s because guineas want freedom to being regimented. They’re considerably a pure semi wild chook and haven’t been commercially developed and “improved” as have chickens. As infants (keets) it is best to nevertheless deal with them quite a bit upon receipt if you want them to be calmer as they develop up.

Guinea Fowl For Chemical Free Pest Management For Your Blueberry Farm And Backyard

There are a number of causes to lift guinea. This contains:

Guinea Fowl For Chemical Free Pest Management For Your Blueberry Farm And Backyard

1) Guineas don’t trouble the backyard or flower mattress like chickens do. Guinea Fowl don’t scratch very like chickens do..

Guinea Fowl For Chemical Free Pest Management For Your Blueberry Farm And Backyard

2) They’re professional at looking for all types of bugs and assist management insect populations. They may help preserve your property just about pest free with out using harsh chemical substances.

Guinea Fowl For Chemical Free Pest Management For Your Blueberry Farm And Backyard

3) They often don’t eat the vegetation and it’s OK to go away them within the backyard. Guineas will eat grasshoppers, ticks and every other backyard pest..

4) The guinea can be utilized like a watch canine in alerting the farm residents from intruders with its loud, ruthless, cry and its confrontational disposition. Guineas are extraordinarily alert and suspicious birds. Nothing goes unobserved of their environment.

Utilizing guinea fowl to regulate bugs

Guinea fowl may help handle tick populations and eat different dangerous bugs. The Guinea fowl’s tick and bug exterminating skills are one of many essential causes numerous folks at the moment are starting to maintain Guinea fowl. Whereas nobody can promise guinea fowl will eat each particular person tick on the property, individuals who have them declare that they seldom discover ticks.

Guinea fowl are guineas are very vocal and their loud cackling cries could make a loud serenade.They could be a ache within the neck in addition to a supply of leisure however as for getting ticks which might be potential carriers of Lyme illness in addition to different bugs they’re arduous to beat. They serenade with a powerful buckwheat name. It’s usually price placing up with their cackling and antics in trade for serving to management your property from ticks, fleas and different pest. Utilizing guinea fowl to regulate ticks which will carry lime illness on the blueberry farm makes numerous sense.

They’re a useful supply of chemical free pest management. When you can not assure guinea fowl will eat all of the ticks on the property they do considerably scale back their numbers.Guineas are non-chemical means to assist rid your yard of ticks, fleas, grasshoppers, Japanese beetles and different bugs. These birds are the definitive low-cost, chemical free insect management methodology.

They bond with the place they’re raised and it is very important preserve them confined to this space whereas they’re younger. Allow them to roam free on the property after reaching maturity. That is very true if guineas are getting used for insect management. They may want a provide of fresh ingesting water. You’ll need to make use of supplemental laying turkey mash and seed if you’d like them to remain near their residence. Often that is given to them within the night to assist get them into the barn or different space the place they will roost. You possibly can prepare them to remain nearer to their residence by so long as some feed is stored in a regular location.

They may seldom peck at a cultivated plant as they a lot want bugs, weeds, and weed seeds.The guineas are moderately well-behaved in a backyard whereas chickens are sometimes harmful to the flower beds and backyard. Guineas are entertaining and rather more clever than the home rooster and never as effortlessly restrained. They preserve a few of their wild manners as they’ve by no means been commercially developed like chickens. Guinea fowl are excellent insect hunters that present a terrific different to spraying toxins. They’re additionally amusing to observe and take heed to. Permitting Guineas to wander via your blueberry patch and backyard generally is a enormous assist. Droppings will in the end decompose and enrich the soil enrichment. Of superior service is the insect management they supply. Guineas will eat ticks and every other backyard pest. They do not often eat the vegetation and are protected to have within the backyard.

Guinea fowl for meat

There was a rising demand for guinea fowl. A younger guineas meat has a nice taste and is tender. It resembles that of recreation birds. It has been use as an alternative to recreation birds corresponding to pheasant, quail and partridge on the menus of some upscale eating places. Their meat is all darkish and extremely prized by many eating places. One selection the, Jumbo Pearl, is grey and bred to supply extra meat and weighs 5 to 7 kilos. It should mate naturally and doesn’t need to be artificially inseminated to get fertility.

Guinea is regularly referred to as “poor man’s wild recreation” corresponding to pheasant as a result of it tastes much like pheasant and at considerably much less value. Guinea fowl has a taste that’s much like that of different recreation birds. The Guinea meat is lean and its dietary traits make it a beneficial addition to the food plan.


Guinea fowl are an economical strategy to have chemical free insect management whereas offering leisure and connoisseur meals. They will function the properties sentinel