Side Yard Landscaping Ideas

Many of us have a side yard. But they are boring old. You can bring a new life to your sideyard and make it an attraction. This will improve your lifestyle as well. But it’s hard to come up with good ideas to make a beautiful sidewalk. No worries we are here.

Side Yard Landscaping Ideas

We have come up with a selection of ideas to bring charm to your sidewalk. 

1. Make it simple

If you are looking for a simplistic approach, this might be perfect for you. You just need to put square floor tiles from start to end. Now to compliment those add flowers or herbs along the sides.

You can grow your aloe vera here. You can also grow herbs that we need from time to time. This way you got both a stunning Side yard and also an abundance of useful herbs.

2. Make it Old School

Concrete looks eye soaring? If you are in love with nature or just wanna take a medieval old school approach to your sideyard we also have a solution for you. You can take a few flat rocks and lay them in the grass, giving them a zigzag pattern.

Now you can fill the sides with all sorts of plants, be it short or long. You now got greenery on your sidewalk that speaks medieval.

3. A Minimalist Approach

If you don’t like a rustic approach to your side-walk, you might be after a minimalist-looking sideyard. No worries you won’t be left out. You can set the tiles close to the house wall. Now you can have a long patch of grass on the outer wall. This would look so beautiful on its own.

If you want to give it a bit more flavor, you can add a couple of trees beside the outer wall a specific distance apart. To make it more stunning you can add square patches of pebbles under the trees.

4. For narrow spaces

If you have got a very narrow side yard, this might just be your solution. To breathe a new life into your narrow side yard just put rectangular or square tiles along the middle but make sure to keep a distance between two tiles. Now plant some small plants along the side if you want.

5. Make it Modern

Your theme can also be modern. If that’s the case we have a solution for you too. You can make an interesting pattern with pebbles and concrete. You can make a frame with concrete and then fill it with smaller concrete slabs, you can also make it other shapes. Now you need to fill the gaps with pebbles and you have got yourself a modern sideyard.


Making changes to your property can be hard and expensive but not if you have a stunning idea. These were some ideas to bring life to your sideyard. 

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